Who we are

Beda software is a full-cycle software house

What we bring to the table

    • Transparent relationships with our partners
    • Agile approach to all aspects of our work
    • Fast and Continous delivering of the solutions
Ilya Beda
Founder & CTO
Ilya Beda

Fullstack developer with more, than 9 years of business software development experience.

Taught programming at Siberian Federal University.

Open source developer and contributor. Elm and Clojure communities enthusiast.

A big fan of functional programming. Multiple IT conferences speaker.

Yana Beda
Project Manager
Yana Beda

10 years IT experience and project manager for the past 3 years.

Project management expertise including, but not limited to proposal development, planning, scheduling, and monitoring.

Ensuring that project requirements / project deliverables are clearly communicated and executed.

Applying Agile methodology to execute and deliver projects.

Managing schedules, budgets, project assets, and overall project organization.

Resource planning on a project by projects basis. Providing account management.

Performing quality assurance testing for all the projects.

Vadim Laletin
Fullstack Web Software Engineer
Vadim Laletin

Senior developer with more than 5 years of business software development experience.

Strong skills in Python/Django, JavaScript/React, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker.

Open source developer and contributor.

Elena Grednikova
Web & Mobile Software Engineer
Elena Grednikova

More than 5 years of business software development experience.

Software development skills in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (ES5/ES6), React.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS preprocessors (Less, Sass), PostCSS, React Native.

Developer with a passion for beautiful and user-friendly interfaces.

Elena always follows the trends and innovations in web development.

Alexander Polev
Fullstack Web and Mobile Software Engineer
Alexander Polev

Alexander has been developing a wide range of web services and mobile applications for the past five years.

His expertise includes, but not limited to:

    • Python/ Django web sites development
    • Android applications building
    • React Native applications programming
    • Reverse Engineering of Windows and Android applications, program analysis without source code, malware analysis
Pavel Rozhkov
Research Software Engineer
Pavel Rozhkov

Researcher with more than 5 years of business software development and 3 years of research experience.

Pavel is a postgraduate honors student at Siberian Federal University majoring in Computer Science and Machine Learning. He is working on his PhD in Intelligent multiagents systems.

Major expertise in Ruby, Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow and keras.

Pavel has a passion for AI systems in medical problems.

Nikita Tretyakov
Software Engineer
Nikita Tretyakov

Nikita is a computer safety expert with a good knowledge of C and C++.

He worked on a wide range of projects: from constrained embedded systems up to a software for unmanned aerial vehicle (including mesh networking protocols).

From building complex multicomponent systems he gained an advanced experience in a software debugging (from GDB to oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer).

As a functional programming enthusiast Nikita has recently decided to shift his major specialization into the world of Clojure development. So, he is building mobile and web applications powered by this language now.

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  • – frontend web developer
  • – backend Python/Django developer
  • – React Native developer

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