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The goal
is to collect more than 10 000 images to develop the best cancer prediction AI in the world

The purpose of this community is to develop medical Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand Breast Cancer using patients' mammograms. In collaboration with clinical partners, we have built a secure platform that allows us to enroll patients who were previously diagnosed with a breast cancer to share their mammograms and clinical experiences.
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We use the information you provide in a questionnaire to learn how to predict the clinical outcomes of the disease using machine learning and AI guidance.

Mammogram is used for AI training
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UCF Medical Students
This community was designed by the UCF College of Medicine through the FIRE Program which provides research experiences. Medical students may call you to facilitate your participation.
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About us
We propose a healthcare use case to tokenize a digital community of patients with access to their personalized health records (PHR) and use it to ultimately improve clinical outcomes. We refer to this entire ecosystem of patients 'in the loop' with their personalized health records as the Mediverse, and we will pilot a breast cancer wellness network to seed it with rich clinical imaging that can be used by patients to solicit trust-worthy second opinions augmented by machine learning / artificial intelligence.
Patients already joined
120 healthcare professionals and medical students
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20 digital healthcare experts and software engineers
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