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We are the well-played team of passionate health IT experts ready to help you develop and launch next-generation digital healthcare products_
Everything starts with the idea. Together with you, we aim to shape it into a real-life product. We bring to the table our vast expertise that spans across a variety of technologies and industries.
Ilya Beda, Founder & CTO
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About us
Beda Software is a full-cycle software house with a strong focus on healthcare and related fields. We turn your ideas into real-life products through product strategy, analytics, UI/UX design and development, DevOps & delivery.

Excellent HL7, HIPAA and other Healthcare standards knowledge and implementation experience.

We develop custom EHR, practice management systems, scheduling, self-checking solutions, patient-facing mobile apps (patient portals, preventive care services), telemedicine and telehealth services.
What we do
We offer the diversity of skills to think with you within and beyond your business goals
Product Planning & Strategy
We work alongside your team to find the straightforward path to solve the challenges. With workshops, brainstorming sessions and rapid prototyping we define main user flows, figure out product roadmap, and develop the detailed game plan to implement it.
UX/UI Design
We create elegant user experience for applications that achieve business goals and make users happy.
    Web & Mobile Development
    The full cycle of services to create and launch a website or mobile application from scratch or redesign a live system along with the modern trends and requirements.
      System Integrations
      We know how to make various existing enterprise systems and devices work together and exchange data successfully. From CRM, billing, payment gateways to insurance providers, EHRs, medical devices & sensors, wearables etc.
      How we work
      We believe that transparency is a key to success. We always work in an agile fashion by small teams with a flat structure. We don't waste your time on bureaucracy. Our holistic engineers communicate directly to clients and customers.
      Right after the beginning of work, we provide clients with access to:

      • Communication tools (Slack, Telegram)
      • Project Management software (Asana, Trello, GSuite)
      • Product Planning (Mirro)
      • Design (Figma)
      • Source Code repos (GitLab, GitHub)
      • Time tracking reports (Toggl)
      Sprint planing
      Put together the implementation roadmap and the users feedback. Define priorities, align expectations, and deliverables.
      Follow agile approach.
      Establish mixed design and architectural work sessions to reach the goals for the current spint.

      On the life team call we demonstrate what was designed and developed during the current sprint.
      Gathering client's feedback right on the demo and later on after playing around in with the staging environment.
      Our Works
      We help our clients achieve their ambitions and goals in today's world
      Honest thoughts on Digital Health and Software Development
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      Yana Beda
      Founder & CEO
      If you already have a project in mind or just want to talk about an idea you have, just drop us a line to and we'll be happy to chat.