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Health Samurai

HealthCare development innovaion company
St. Petersburg

At Health Samurai, we want to transform care delivery with great software.

We believe that an open, connected healthcare application ecosystem will drive higher quality care and lower costs. To help make this happen, we have a simple plan: give people the tools they need to build life-changing technologies and handle healthcare data the right way. We believe that when you empower people with the right data and tools, amazing things will happen.

That's how we believe we can change healthcare for good, and we're fighting to make our vision a reality every day.

In the partnership with Health Samurai we are working on the development of the brand new healthcare platform TealNET.

Dexter Hadley, MD, PhD

San Francisco

Dr. Hadley's expertise is in translating big data into precision medicine and digital health. His background is in genomics and computational biology and he has training in clinical pathology. His research now focuses on digital health to generate, annotate and ultimately reason over big data stores to improve the precision of medicine across the disease spectrum.

His laboratory was funded by the NIH Big Data to Knowledge initiative to develop the online portal to crowd-source annotations of open genomics big data that allows users to discover the functional genes and biological pathways that are defective in disease.

We’ve joined stargeo team to improve UI/UX and allow people to recognize results of Dexter’s researches in visual way.

Abhishek Bhattacharya

UCSF (University of California San Francisco) Undergraduate Student Researcher Founder/CTO of Skin. company (
San Francisco

Skin. is developing a mobile software platform and algorithm for the long-term surveillance and diagnosis of potentially cancerous skin lesions. At the moment, even the best methods of diagnosis still lack the sensitivity and specificity needed to accurately classify and distinguish one type of skin lesion from another. Furthermore, there has yet to be a widely accepted tool that connects patients across the world to their own general practitioners and dermatologists in a cost effective and innovative way. SkinIQ solves this problem using a proprietary deep-learning algorithm trained on thousands of images that tracks and tags dangerous skin lesions for doctors and patients. Additionally, SkinIQ uses non-invasive molecular profiling to sequence moles that have been tagged as concerning. SkinIQ hopes to provide a highly accurate diagnostic tool and platform that will decrease discrepancies in the diagnosis of melanoma and pervasive skin diseases.

We are happy to be a part of the project development team. Our responsibility is a mobile application design and development.

Benjamin Abhishek Rayikanti, MD

Burlington, VT Physician Founder of startup

Benjamin makes great efforts to medical routine automatization. He is searching for a way to make work of his colleagues more efficient. That is why he founded two startups. The first one is The software allows doctors to create medical checklists for everyday routine and share them among each others. That saves lots of time for them.

The second project founded by Benjamin is The system helps medical institutions to search for moonlighting staff and helps doctors to find opportunities for moonlighting.

We took part in building both systems from the idea to production system. We are inspired by the goals of the projects we developed and believe in its future.

Ignat Thorovsky

CTO of Poptop Entertainment Booking Platform
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Poptop is a markeplace of curated event packages and entertainment ideas for planners of private events, who do not want to hire event agencies. Poptop helps event planners find and book entertainment professionals quickly, easily and safely.

Our team consults Ignat how to improve code quality, setup DevOps process, configure CI/CD for Poptop system.