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Health Tech and Digital Health companies building interoperable solutions
Telemedicine & Telehealth
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The Beda EMR out of the box supports FHIR API capabilities
  • Patients management
    • You can manage a list of patients, and search across them
    • The predefined set of dashboard widgets provides you with a high-level overview of patient health information
    • You can edit patient demographics and contacts
  • Practitioners management
    • You can search practitioners by role and speciality
    • You can edit health services and roles in the clinic
  • Appointments and Encounters
    • On the calendar widget you can see all future appointments
    • Appointment could be converted into the encounter on patient arrive
    • Add-hoc encounters could be created
  • Treatment notes
    • Practitioner can create Observations, Conditions and clinical notes for patients’ encounter
    • Notes support versioning and stored as FHIR resources available for access via API or dashboard
  • Patient medical information
    • Patient or practitioner can modify health information
    • Add/edit allergies, past surgeries, medications, family history
  • Medication management
    Practitioner can create a Medication request for a patient that could be converted into e-prescription
And even more!
Clinical Froms Management
One of the important parts of EMR is forms. All data is entered into the system via forms. Usually, forms are part of user data. So some kind of form management is required. FHIR provides a Structured Data Capture implementation guide that transforms Questionnaire resource into a full-featured form engine. We have implemented it. So you can create and edit forms on the fly via form designer.
FHIR provides only basic primitives for scheduling. It is not enough, so we implemented the ArgoSceduling implementation guide that extends FHIR with scheduling functionality. You can edit practitioner availability, book appointments, and follow up with patients.
Many use cases require video calls between doctor and patient. So we integrated an open-source solution Jitsi Meet into our EHR. For virtual encounters, we created a room that could be used for patient-to-doctor communication.
Get a guided tour through the Beda EMR
& find out how it can serve your product needs
We make better healthcare possible by putting the right data into the right hands at the right time, in the way people need.

Company of Health IT experts

Beda Software engineers are deeply involved with the health tech community, speaking at various international conferences and contributing to the FHIR standard development. We know health tech interoperability and how to operationalize products that use protected health information (PHI) safely in cloud-based infrastructure.

We’ve been working with healthcare startups and enterprise-grade clients across the globe for the past 7 years. The products we built, helped define, design, and develop are used in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, Switzerland.

Geography of our cases
Beda Software is recognized by the partners
Health Samurai
University of California San Francisco
University of Central Florida
The Sovereignty Network
The FHIR Business Alliance
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Meet the Beda EMR team

HL7 FHIR experts from Beda Software developed multiple applications on top of FHIR. We see how same product features repeats from one project to another.

So, we decided to implement a set of reusable interfaces that suits common digital health needs.

  • Ilya Beda
    Team leader and product owner
    7-years experience in healthcare
    FHIR standard and SDC IG contributor
  • Alex Pavlushkin
    Senior software developer
    Software Engineer with a clinician background. SMART on FHIR expert and conference speaker
  • Nick Galuev
    Senior UI/UX designer
    Experienced UI/UX designer focused on medical system UX
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