Modern medical and healthcare solutions

A well-played team of passionate health IT experts ready to help you build and launch next generation digital products

Distinctive competencies

  • Application & Web development
    • Traditional and single page web applications
    • Sophisticated highload network services
  • Mobile apps development
    • Cross-platform hybrid iOS and Android mobile
    • applications for Tablets and Smartphones
  • DevOps
    • We delightly build the fully automated
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
    • process and Infrastructure
  • Digital transformation
    • We help our partners achieve their
    • business goals through thought leadership
    • and technical ingenuity.

Business domain expertise

  • Medical and HealthCare
    • We passionate about building the future of
    • healthcare with a power of technologies.
    • We create highly specialized HL7-compatible
    • healthcare apps
  • Startups
    • Being enterpreneurs and innovators at heart,
    • we thoroughly enjoy creating the next big industry
    • or platform
  • Data & machine learning
    • Our team can successfully cover a wide range of
    • business tasks with Machine Learning. From
    • pictures recognition to desease predicions.

Technologies in which we specialize