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We are the well-played team of passionate health IT experts ready to help you develop and launch next-generation digital healthcare products_

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About us
Beda Software is a full-cycle software house with a strong focus on healthcare and related fields. We turn your ideas into real-life products through product strategy, analytics, UI/UX design and development, DevOps & delivery.

Excellent HL7, HIPAA and other Healthcare standards knowledge and implementation experience.

We develop custom EHR, practice management systems, scheduling, self-checking solutions, patient-facing mobile apps (patient portals, preventive care services), telemedicine and telehealth services.
We offer the diversity of skills to think with you within and beyond your business goals
Full cycle software development from idea to product launch
Bring health data from external systems into your healthTech product with BEDA SOFTWARE expertise
If you need to integrate your software with existing EHR
FHIR modeling and mapping. Architecture Design. Architecture review & infrastructure consulting. Code review. Product analytics. Work with a product hypothesis.
Prepare your cloud-native healthcare application for security compliances and certification audits

They don’t require a fully detailed explanation of what they should do and how they should do it
Hamish MacDonald, CEO of The Sovereignty Network
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We help our clients achieve their ambitions and goals in today's world
Beda EMR
Clean and powerful frontend for Electronic Medical Records.
Open-source. Customizable.
SelfCare — is a proactive health platform, which helps people strengthen their health resilience in order to live a safer and happier life in collaboration with a strong clinicians team (practitioners, coaches, personal assistants).
Kiyara Health
Kiyara Health is mobile-first platform connecting practitioners and patients. The platform solves UX challenges in dealing with a big amount of healthcare data. It uses a combination of machine learning, 3D body models and standardized terminologies to simplify data input, processing and treatment assessment. The platform is fully FHIR and SNOMED compliant.
The Sovereignty Network
The Sovereignty Network is a technology platform that brings together the community of consumer-patients, healthcare professionals, and data researchers to create individually-owned digital health data and medical records. This real-world data is available to researchers on a worldwide scale, but the access is controlled by patients.
Chronic condition management platform that empowers patients and their care teams to manage chronic conditions with an AI-powered app.
PI360 is a full featured patient injury platform at the junction of medicine and jurisprudence
Cure8Health is a patient-facing healthcare system. It covers most of the touch points when the patient interacts with healthcare institutions: patient medical profile and history aggregating data from multiple hospitals (EHRs), self-screening module for COVID-19, appointments booking, self-check in solution for hospitals, data exchange with EHRs, data exchange with insurance providers.
EHR System
This is a custom developed sophisticated FHIR compliant EHR that provides live communication between patients and practitioners, stores health records and provides UI for practitioners to get the second opinion about a diagnosis.
Skin is health tech startup developed for The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Skin helps researchers to collects examples of moles and skin lesions for early diagnostics of cancer diseases using Machine Learning.
Beda Software is recognized by the partners
Health Samurai
University of California San Francisco
University of Central Florida
The Sovereignty Network
The FHIR Business Alliance
Beda Software Australia
Member of HL7® Australia
Active contributor of FHIR® SDC workgroup
Founding member of HL7® FHIR® Sparked Accelerator
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