How we work
to provide our clients with the highest possible quality and results
Beda Software works as your technical partner tackling all aspects related to Healthcare Software development. You do not need to dive deep into the technical details and requirements to be sure that the solution is implemented efficiently, reliably, and with respect to all regulations and international standards.
They don’t require a fully detailed explanation of what they should do and how they should do it.
Hamish MacDonald, CEO of The Sovereignty Network
The process
We stick with agile principles of software development and DevOps practices. Beda Software becomes a part of your product team. The team works incrementally with short iterations. Each iteration involves four key stages.

The team identifies the problem or opportunity that should be addressed. This could involve market research, business analytics, user feedback, various product workshops, or other methods of identifying customer needs and pain points.

Creating a detailed plan, writing requirements, tech documentation, and setting up the delivery expectations.

Creating optimal UX/UI solutions based on the provided requirements and iteration goals.

Delivering the defined for the current iteration features to the stakeholders. This stage includes implementation, quality assurance, product demo for the stakeholders, and production deployment.
Technological stack
or the stuff we use
We use cloud tooling oriented on a collaborative way of work. Diagrams, schemas, documentation, and source code are available for the whole team via cloud solutions. It guarantees that all team members always have the most up-to-date versions.
  • GitLab
    Issue tracker, source code version control system and continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Google Docs
    Project documentation
  • Miro
    Schemas and diagrams
  • Figma
    UI Design
We use modern programming languages and frameworks. We try to leverage as much as we can by using open-source tooling and services. We utilize 3rd-party SaaS or proprietary solutions only when it is required and can save a lot of development resources.

Using TypeScript as the primary programming language leverages the benefits of sharing code between frontend, backend, and mobile applications.
Why work with us
We are Health IT domain experts with proven software development skills.

Since we’ve done many similar projects during the past 7 years, our engineers are very well familiar with the potential challenges during the implementation and know how to overcome them.

Our engineers speak at international health IT events and share their knowledge with the Health IT community.

We regularly post about modern health IT tooling at our website and LinkedIn.

Our CTO Ilya is an HL7 FHIR contributor.

We developed and maintain a lot of open-source tools for FHIR.
Customer references
We would like to share with you some examples of projects we are working on.

We prefer to be promoted by our clients since only they could provide you with true feedback about our expertise.
  • Case
    Cure8Health started as a small New Zealand startup with a big aim of putting individuals in control of their own health information by leveraging modern healthcare standards SNOMED and FHIR. Some of the goals covered by the solution are to Create Patient Engagement, encourage Patient Education and Measure Patient Outcomes.

    One of the challenges was to build a questionnaire interface that dynamically adjusts questions based on previous person answers. Any kind of dynamic interface is a challenging task. Ilya created a chat-bot based system architecture that emulates practitioner behavior. The core of the system is a rule engine that chooses additional questions based on previous answers. This outstanding intellectual property designed by Ilya attracted a company The Sovereignty Network. Then Cure8Health and The Sovereignty Network merged. We continue working with these companies and improving the rules engine and adjusting it for business needs.

    One of the examples on top of this solution is a project called EJO. The innovative rules engine designed by Ilya allows implementation of software in a very short timeline. This software helped doctors in Rwanda to get rid of paper forms and easily get input from the patients using iPads.

    Please, contact CEO of the Sovereignty Network Hamish MacDonald for any questions.
  • Client
    Prenosis is a health tech innovator devoted to ushering in a new era of precision diagnostics in acute care using artificial intelligence. Its Immunix precision diagnostics platform leverages machine learning algorithms trained on deep biological data and broad clinical data to more holistically capture and illuminate the complex health states of patients. Its proprietary NOSIS dataset is the largest and fastest growing hybrid biomarker-clinical dataset for sepsis care. The Sepsis ImmunoScore diagnostic on the Immunix platform has the potential to save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in healthcare spending annually.

    Beda software has been working on the Clinical Decision Support AI driven platform on top of EPIC EHR.

    Please, contact Bobby Reddy, Jr., CEO of Prenosis for any questions.
  • Client
    Udi was searching for a team to develop a mobile and web application for a startup called SelfCare. SelfCare is focused on the local Israel market. The target group is a middle class that are interested in their health and ready to invest in their health.

    FHIR was not a requirement. The system is focused on healthy people there is no place for integration with any 3rd party EHR and EMR. Also FHIR is not used widely in Israel. However, using FHIR-first architecture and Aidbox allow us to reduce backend development drastically.

    We have been working on SelfCare for 1,5 years. The first web based prototype was developed in 3 months. In the next 6 months we deliver a mobile application for both patient and practitioner and start private testing. Based on gathered feedback we are continuously improving the system and providing support and maintenance.

    We implemented all parts of the system from scratch. Design, UI/UX, mobile application development for both iOS and Android, web based administrator dashboard, Aidbox based backend. The system deployed to the Kubernetes cluster at GCE.

    Feel free to contact Udi Bobrovsky if you would like to get more insights about our work on SelfCare and other Israel-based projects we worked on together.
  • Client
    juli is a chronic condition management platform that empowers patients and care teams to manage chronic conditions.

    juli gives you a 360-degree overview of your health status:
    • Data from wearables or your phone
    • Sleep and activity
    • Lab results and EHR data
    • Weather and air quality information
    • DNA analysis
    • and more…
    juli combines all available health data.

    Beda Software team joined the juli startup at the very beginning to handle all architecture, UI/UX design, business analytics and software development challenges. We’ve been working on the product for almost two years and developed various challenging solutions:
    • The patient data management platform on top of FHIR/Aidbox
    • iOS application
    • Android application
    • Various integration with 3rd party data providers from weather to EHR
    Please, contact CEO of juli Bettina Hein for any questions.
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