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We support startups and enterprise-grade organizations in crafting tempting and trustworthy Health Tech and Digital Health products. To do so, we break through silos and bring together experts from science, design, and technology. The products we helped define, design, and develop are used in USA, Canada, Israel, Europe and New Zealand.

We are deeply involved with the health tech community, speaking at various international conferences and contributing to the FHIR standard development and driving open source FHIR dev tools. We know health tech interoperability and how to operationalize products that use protected health information (PHI) safely in cloud-based infrastructure
  • FHIR modeling
    Create a proper FHIR model for your product
  • FHIR mapping
    Map your existing data from various data sources into proper FHIR resources
  • Architecture Design
    Analyze your product's needs and requirements to design the optimal architecture. We’ll provide you with recommendations for implementation and specific tech solutions to use.
  • Architecture review & infrastructure consulting
    Review an existing solution, provide a set of recommendations to comply with the standards and regulations.
  • Code review
    When moving from the MVP to production state, it’s important to develop a system in a way that is secure, easy to maintain and extend. We’ll advice your development team on that.
  • Product analytics
    We help you to understand your users and implement a user data-driven approach in decision making.
  • Work with a product hypothesis
    Help your product team to formulate and validate ideas.
  • FHIR workshops

    The practical event demonstrates how your particular healthcare product can benefit from utilizing FHIR.

    Depending on the context, the workshop might cover various topics from FHIR principles and concepts to advanced topics and specific implementation details
  • FHIR staff training sessions
    Hands-on exercises & group activities for:
    • management team
    • software developers
    • business analyst
    • data scientists
  • Workshop: business process review
    A set of 2-3 sessions with a goal to map out your processes, identify bottlenecks and opportunities to improve, find insights, and define a general plan for the improvements and transformation
Product Discovery
  • Market research
    It's essential to understand the market in general and the competitive landscape in particular before building the product strategy.
    We help to stay on top of the industry insights.
  • User research and validation
    The user research and validation process helps you to understand your customers better and concentrate product efforts on the ideas that will work.
  • Product strategy
    Define what your product should achieve and, and how it is brought to life through the product roadmap once it is launched.
  • Customer journey maps
    We'll guide you through the process of personalizing your customer's needs, defining the essential touchpoints to tailor the product customer experience.
Software development
    We have a long history of developing responsive web, client-side, and mobile applications. We love working with Python, React, React Native, Swift, Node, TypeScript; however, our expertise is not restricted to those technologies. We consistently invest time in testing new technologies, languages, and processes. We are systems thinkers and understand how to operationalize our work. We are dedicated students of lean-agile development processes, and are fluent in AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud services.

    • Smart on FHIR applications
    • EHR/EMR integrations
    • FHIR facades
    • System integrations
    • Hardware integrations
    • API integrations
    • Full cycle software development from idea to product launch
    • Web applications UI design and development
    • Mobile applications UI design and development
    • A/B/C product features testing
    UX/UI Design
      Your value to your users is only as good as their experience of your product. Perception of quality can be won or lost quickly upon first impression.

      We are passionate about user experience and bring full stack design to the table. We follow a design-led iterative process to make things beautiful, functional, and optimized to meet users’ needs. Working in small, diverse teams means design intention is continuously shared, minimizing waste and getting your product to market quickly.

      • User research
      • UI/UX Design workshops
      • Product UX review
      • Customer journey maps
      • Prototyping
      • Information architecture
      • Data visualization
      • Visual design
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