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SMART on FHIR apps let providers, payers, and patients view patient records, monitor cardiovascular health, schedule services, and much more.
Pull in all the data you need from almost any EHR system
whether its Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, Athena Health, or another vendor
Types of SMART on FHIR applications
  • Patient facing
    Patients may book appointments, participate in clinical trials, or get their full medical data for a second opinion from different practitioners with SMART on FHIR app.
  • Practitioner facing
    This kind of app may provide some clinical decision support functionality. For example, a dashboard with the most critical vitals along with ML-driven insights could be presented for practitioner review.
  • Backend service
    Backend service SMART on FHIR application is useful when no action from the user is required. It could be some kind of periodic data synchronization across multiple healthcare information systems or aggregation and reporting tool.
Beda Software knows SMART on FHIR applications development
We have solid experience with integrating various EHR/EMR systems in general and SMART on FHIR applications development in particular
The most common SMART on FHIR demands
from our clients are
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    ML-driven Clinical insights and Decision support solutions
    ML-driven Clinical insights and Decision support solutions.
    We work a lot with startups specialized in ML and are willing to integrate their solutions into EHRs. Our solution for them consists from a backend service, that pulls data the EHR and feeds it into the ML pipeline, and a practitioner app that demonstrates the dashboard with ML insights. The practitioner app can be a totally separate tool, which is used independently or seamlessly integrated into the EHR UI.
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    Patient facing
    Patient facing mobile applications to improve patient engagement and their overall health outcomes.

    Patients get access to their health information such as prescription information, medication details, vaccination history, lab data, or treatment notes.

    Apple Health KIT API to access health records is very useful here.
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    Patient portals
    Patient portals to aggregate data across various systems into a single patient profile. Data aggregation platforms such as HealthGorilla or 1upHealth helps in that case.

    Patient can granularly manage access to his health profile.
SMART on FHIR App Development Timeline
The MVP timeline is about 3 months of software development plus integration time
The important step before kicking off the software development is to partner up with a clinic to start the integration process.
Unfortunately, even with SMART on FHIR, each clinic may serve slightly different data. So the app should be configurable. Such a configuration step is required before any integration.
It may take up to 1 month to integrate depending on the clinic's security requirements and regulations. During the app development, it’s essential to follow the best practices and laws like HIPAA for the US, GDPR for Europe, and PIPEDA for Canada.
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