A dedicated HealthTech development team to build your healthcare innovation

Company of Health IT experts
We’ve been working with healthcare startups and enterprise-grade clients across the globe for the past 7 years.
Based on our hands-on experience and the industry-standard knowledge we created a set of reusable open-source tools that covers the most common needs for healthcare information systems development and drastically reduce the time-to-market value for healthcare innovations development.
Our tools are community recognized. We are continuously expanding their features.
Our tools are community recognized. We are continuously expanding their features.

You are building a healthcare information system from scratch or looking to customize an existing solution such as

  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Electronic Healthcare Record
  • Practise Management System
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient-Facing application
  • Digital Therapeutics Platforms
  • Scheduling Solution
  • OR
    Any kind of integration between healthcare systems or devices

Are you looking for a technological partner, who can cover a full-cycle development of the platform from scratch?

We are here to help you!
Customers we serve
  • HealthTech startups
  • Healthcare providers
    hospitals / clinics / labs
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
Beda Software saves your time on understanding the challenging technical requirements and industry regulations
You can focus on business-related goals instead
We know how to build SOC2/HITRUST-compliant infrastructure for your healthcare application. We are experienced with HIPAA and GDPR.

Furthermore, we are a team of experienced engineers that leverage cutting-edge technologies in DevOps and software development.

Our partner Thoropass will provide monitoring software, and perform a security audit for you.
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Ilya Beda
Founder & CTO