Beda Patient Portal

Open source frontend suite for Health Records Management
Who is it for?
If you think of building a custom patient portal or any other patient-facing solution for your existing digital health platform or building the entire health ecosystem from scratch, our frontend suite is a perfect fit.

We provide a robust set of open-source building blocks covering the most demanded patient-facing features, that drastically reduce development time and maintenance efforts for your solution.
Appointments management
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • View upcoming appointments details
  • View the history and details of past appointments
Medications management
Request medication refills and view your current and past medications including dosage, prescription dates, remaining refills, and prescriber information.
Access and control your Health Records
  • View and update your aggregated health records
  • Share your health documents and forms with healthcare professionals
  • Review who has access to your health records
Your Health Profile Management
Update your personal and contact information, add information about your background diseases and lifestyle, manage your account information.
Documents and Forms management
Download, view, and submit financial, administrative, and medical documents and forms.
Patient to doctor secure communication
  • Video calls
  • Chat
Supported platforms
Easily integrated with most of the modern EHR/EMR solutions via SMART on FHIR
Integrated with top healthcare data aggregators
1upHealth ∙ Human API ∙ Health Gorilla ∙ Redox ∙ Flexpa ∙ Apple Health ∙ Android Health Connect
Standards and Compliance
we support
Support options
Choose the option that best suits your needs
You want to go
on your own
  • Self-managed
  • No security and access policies
  • You need to configure the cloud provider
  • You need to deploy the app
GitHub Source
POC implementation, validate your idea
  • Easy launch
  • One workshop with business analyst to define basic user stories
  • One workshop with UI designer to adjust logo and color scheme
  • Application customization after workshop outcome
  • Configure access policies and security
  • Configure cloud provider
  • CI/CD pipeline setup with automated application deployment
Order Deployment
MVP development, start providing service to customers
  • Deep customization
  • Multiple workshops with business analyst to define user stories
  • Full-featured UI/UX design
  • Custom features development
  • Configure access policies and security
  • Configure cloud provider
  • CI/CD pipeline setup with automated application deployment
  • Ongoing support and SLA
  • HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR compliance technical safeguards
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Meet the team

HL7 FHIR experts from Beda Software developed multiple applications on top of FHIR. We see how same product features repeats from one project to another.

So, we decided to implement a set of reusable interfaces that suits common digital health needs.

  • Ilya Beda
    Team leader and product owner
    7-years experience in healthcare
    FHIR standard and SDC IG contributor
  • Alex Pavlushkin
    Senior software developer
    Software Engineer with a clinician background. SMART on FHIR expert and conference speaker
  • Nick Galuev
    Senior UI/UX designer
    Experienced UI/UX designer focused on medical system UX

Company of Health IT experts

Beda Software engineers are deeply involved with the health tech community, speaking at various international conferences and contributing to the FHIR standard development. We know health tech interoperability and how to operationalize products that use protected health information (PHI) safely in cloud-based infrastructure.

We’ve been working with healthcare startups and enterprise-grade clients across the globe for the past 7 years. The products we built, helped define, design, and develop are used in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, Switzerland.

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