Prepare your cloud-native healthcare application for security compliances and certification audits

These days cloud environments become de-facto an essential part of Healthcare applications, but their complexity sky rocketed.

Security and trust in healthcare couldn’t be more valuable, so everyone should consider them as a basis while building any platform.

Have you ever asked yourself, how to innovate faster without compromising security in these circumstances?
Beda Software focused on trust, security, and compliance for the Health Tech sector.

Beda Software works as your technological partner tackling all aspects related to Healthcare Software development.

By integrating application security principles and practices into software development and operations, we allow you to deliver new software and services at agile speed without compromising application security.
Our tech stack
We know how to build SOC2/HITRUST-compliant infrastructure for your healthcare application. We are experienced with HIPAA and GDPR.

Furthermore, we are a team of experienced engineers that leverage cutting-edge technologies in DevOps and software development.

Our partner Thoropass will provide monitoring software, and perform a security audit for you.
Recent case study
How we help to pass SOC2 audit
We started with setting up Thoropass™ monitoring software to define all risks and review the existing infrastructure.
Once we get familiar with the app and the infrastructure we deploy a new environment monitored by Thoropass™.
The infrastructure was defined as a code via Terraform.
The infrastructure configuration is stored in GitLab.
The changes were applied to Google Cloud with GitLab CI/CD pipeline. We can trace any changes and reasons why they are done.
In case of any violation in security configuration Thoropass™ notify us. As a result we build infrastructure compliment to SOC2
Once the new environment has beed deployed, we switch users's traffic to a new environment and Juli started audit process. They pass the audit.
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