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Beda Software built for Kiyara Health a cloud-based medical practice management software MVP, designed to empower patients to view and update their own personal information in order to reduce clinic administration and give practitioners visible views of the entire patient lifecycle.
• Architecture design
• Creative workshops
• Design thinking
• Mobile app development
Target market
Tech stack
• New Zealand
• React Native
• Python
• Clinico
• 3d4medical
New Zealand enterprise-grade EHR solutions are not very user-friendly for practitioners. For instance, treatment notices are stored as plain text data and are not ready for proper analytics and predictions, which makes the practitioners' work less efficient.
Things get much worse when we speak about patient-facing portals.

For patients, it has always been a challenging and time-consuming process to fill in pre-appointment checking forms and various consents while visiting practitioners.
This happens again and again. And after contributing this huge amount of time, the patients still are still not able to even get access to their health history and follow up on the treatment plan.
Provide patients with a robust tool to manage their health data and provide practitioners with access to patients' data and a structured treatment notes solution.
The story
Roheeni was dreaming to create a patient portal with a perfect UX. Such a portal should help patients to provide and get full information about their health effortlessly. Without endless and boring medical forms.
No time is needed to teach people to use the app. We discussed various options to achieve this kind of experience and decided to proceed with an iPad app. The UX was based on interactive 3D body models and useful UI widgets to track particular health issues and general health profile information.
Roheeni demoed the MVP to various patients (including senior-aged people). All of them were surprised by the simplicity of the app's UX.
Practitioner App
Practice management system
Advanced 3D body model powered consultation workflow for Osteopathy physicians
Foremost treatment notes solution
Machine Learning driven consultation workflow for Cosmetology physicians
Medications management
Clinico EHR integration
Patient App
Patient portal
Practitioners directory
Treatment history
Full healthcare profile
Pre-consult screening
Appointment booking module
Business Value
Kiyara Health piloted small practices such as Cosmetology or Osteopathy clinics to organize their everyday operational activities. It demonstrated a way of simplifying clinical workflows and potentially could drastically reduce paperwork for both clinicians and their patients.
User Value
Patients would get full access to their health history. They would be able to get up-to-date information provided by their clinicians and update missing details when needed.

No more annoying paper medical forms for every appointment.

The patient portal covers the full treatment cycle from appointment booking and pre-checking details collection to treatment history access and progress tracking.
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