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Case Study
SelfCare — is a proactive health platform, which helps healthy people constantly improve the quality of their life.
In collaboration with a strong team of clinicians (practitioners, coaches, personal assistants)
  • Design Thinking
  • Web app development
  • UX/UI Design
  • MVP & Validation
  • Mobile app development
  • Architecture Design
Selfcare was looking to transform their experience in traditional offline treatment methodology into the digital space.
The aim was to build the platform supporting continuous customers guidance to their desired health outcomes.
  • AI-powered insights-driven predictive health platform connecting practitioners and patients
  • Patients are able to easily provide essential data about their health and get real-time support to achieve personal health goals
  • Practitioners have a robust EHR tool to manage health outcomes of their patients.
The Story
The important part of the project kick-off was extensive face-to-face workshops with the stakeholders:
As a result, everyone got a clear product vision and an implementation plan.
  • Product discovery and roadmap definition
  • Architecture design sessions
  • UX workshop
  • CJM brainstorming session
Beda Software joined the Selfcare team from the very beginning and started crafting the system from scratch.
It was important to provide an easy-to-go health-assessment process and let the care team get access to the full and up-to-date picture of the customer's health. So, we started with a patient-facing mobile app and web-based EHR for practitioners and the care team.
The first MVP was launched in 3 months.
The most exciting part of any product launch is when people actually start using the software. Their feedback inspires the product team to enhance and extend functionality, revise some workflows, and tackle the things that are not perfect from the very beginning.
A couple of months after the product launch we visited the SelfCare clinic to sit together with the practitioners and coaches and analyze their experience with the platform.
It helped us to come up with the solution to launch the mobile version of the practitioner-facing UI and plan for the real-time chat solution to connect patients with practitioners to replace their existing communication through insufficient channels.
Tech Stack
iCount - CRM
React Native
Telemedicine Solution
Secure messenger implementation for web and mobile platforms
• Customer-to-practitioner
• Group chats for care teams
• Group chats for practitioners
    • Paid access to various group-based activities
    • Recurring meetings management
    • Group chats
    • Group Health Plans
    Group-based treatment and Health Plans
    Scheduling solution
      • FHIR Argonaut provider-based scheduling workflow implementation including
          • Personal and group meetings
              • Single and recurrent meeting types
                Insights driven personalized care management
                  • Customers lifecycle tracking with iCount CRM integration
                    • EHR solution for care teams, providing lifestyle Insights calculated from customer's data in order to prepare the most efficient personalized health plans
                    The pathway to a better quality of life was never so easy or straightforward. No paperwork and an endless search for professionals with different specializations. Define your goals and meet your care team, join group therapies organized by various topics, and meet linked-minded people.
                    Patients are able to easily provide essential data about their health and get real-time support to achieve personal health goals.
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